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Dr. Cornell West endorses H.E.L.P.

Dr. Cornell West Endorses H.E.L.P.

Dr. Cornell West of Princeton University endorses the H.E.L.P. program and supports the Asheru’s efforts to promote literacy through the innovative use of Hip-Hop

H.E.L.P. - Hip-Hop Education Literacy Program

HELP: Hip Hop Educational Literacy Program

This is a 7 minute infomercial on the Hip Hop Educational Literacy Program, a series of supplemental reading workbooks designed to HELP students of all reading levels through the innovative usage of Hip Hop lyrics for critical analysis,… Read More

Asheru on "Let's Talk Live"

Asheru on “Let’s Talk Live”

Asheru on Lets Talk Live” (News Channel 8) discussing the many wonders of H.E.L.P., the Hip Hop Educational Literacy Program…

Niecy Nash on Ebony - June 2010

Gabriel Benn, M. Ed.’s Interview in This Month’s Ebony

Gabrien Benn took part in an interview that has been featured in the June issue of Ebony Magazine. Entitled, “Whose Your Daddy: Four Men On Fatherhood”, the article is a must-read.

Reading along with Ludacris, Nas

Reading along with Ludacris, Nas

Workbooks use hip-hop to help students comprehend lessons The message was direct in Helen B. Dana’s classroom: By the end of the class, the students would be able to properly use the vocabulary words found in Will.I.Am’s “Yes… Read More

HELP Lesson Learning

Hip-Hop Lyrics on the Lesson Plan

He played a song by Rapper T.I. called “No Matter What.” Students then filled out workbooks with questions about the lyrics, such as the life lessons in the song and the artist’s poetic technique. Benn believes the songs… Read More