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What is H.E.L.P.?

What is H.E.L.P.?

H.E.L.P., or the Hip Hop Educational Literacy Program, offers cutting edge supplemental reading workbooks developed around the lyrics of popular Hip Hop songs. H.E.L.P. is designed by an experienced team of educators in order to provide culturally responsive teaching materials that motivate students to read and improve literacy skills.

Created out of the need to close the achievement gap and increase student literacy among adolescents, H.E.L.P. uses high interest reading workbooks that incorporate real world connections to improve literacy while bridging demographic, cultural, language, and achievement gaps.

Each H.E.L.P. Student Guide workbook includes sixty (60) reading and writing activities that are aligned to the National Reading Standards. H.E.L.P. workbooks are designed for use by all types of students, functioning across all reading levels to improve literacy skills of whole classes, small groups and individual students. H.E.L.P. will enrich, supplement and reinforce instruction and provide motivating reading material for use in schools, homes and after school programs.

Each H.E.L.P. student workbook has a corresponding Teacher Guide which includes, an artist biography, annotated lyrics, vocabulary word list, multiple intelligence activities chart, suggested reading list, writing rubric, answer key and student assessment.

H.E.L.P. is also a professional development model for teachers and youth service providers that offers strategies on being more culturally responsive and equitable in their instructional practice. Our innovative training and materials also provide assistance for teachers and administrators who are looking for innovative ways to promote academic differentiation, technology integration, and lifelong learning for the 21st Century classroom.