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About Us

Asheru w/ students

Imagine a classroom where a teacher is using the lyrics of Nas to teach a lesson on African American music from the 19th Century to present. Or cross-referencing the lyrics of Joni Mitchell, Marvin Gaye and Mos Def to talk about the global pollution of our water sources. This type of innovative instruction, with real text to world connections, is at the heart of every H.E.L.P. reading guide.

In 2005, Gabriel “Asheru” Benn, veteran educator and award-winning Hip Hop artist, collaborated with longtime educational entrepreneur, Rick Henning, to create the Hip Hop Educational Literacy Program, or H.E.L.P. Through a partnership between Asheru’s community arts organization, Guerilla Arts Ink, LLC and Henning, Educational Lyrics, LLC was formed, with the mission and vision of providing quality, culturally relevant teaching materials geared towards meeting the diverse, ever changing needs and demands of the 21st century classroom.

Designed by a team of teachers, reading specialists, and curriculum writers, each of the 13 H.E.L.P. workbook titles features over 60 literacy activities across all learning styles and reading levels: beginner (k-2), elementary (3-5), intermediate (6-8), and advanced (9-12). The featured songs were chosen for their rich vocabulary usage and ability to address various social justice themes, such as water conservation, poverty, gentrification, conflict resolution, addressing stereotypes, conflict resources (diamonds, oil, etc.), women history and appreciation, and more. In addition to the student guide, we also offer a comprehensive teacher guide complete with assessments, writing rubric, answer key, annotated lyrics, suggested reading list, activities that address the multiple intelligences, and much more to give teachers the background knowledge to effectively use the materials in class. The easy-to-use guides can easily supplement your current school’s curriculum, while addressing information across all content areas.

H.E.L.P. is made by educators for educators who are looking for a unique way to connect to the culturally diverse youth they serve. Every activity is aligned with the National Reading Standards, and comes ready-made for any and all teachers (and parents!) looking for teaching materials that are culturally relevant and engaging, as well as differentiated across all reading levels within general, special, and adult education settings. The activities can be used with an entire class, in small groups, or as an independent activity.

In order to reach this market, Educational Lyrics seeks to develop corporate partners to provide H.E.L.P. materials and training for free to any and all schools in need. Specifically, Educational Lyrics seeks partnerships with corporate enterprises interested in improving literacy and providing culturally relevant teaching materials to under-served populations.

Our Vision
To provide quality, culturally relevant teaching materials geared towards meeting the diverse, ever changing needs and demands of the 21st century classroom. Our teaching tools are critical to the success of teachers who are committed to student engagement and student achievement, academic ability or cultural background.

Our Mission
To provide culturally responsive teaching materials that promote literacy, critical analysis, and differentiated instruction to meet the unique needs of all types of learners, and the teachers who teach them.

Our Strengths

  • Culturally responsive teaching materials made by educators for educators
  • University and other academic endorsements
  • Maximizing the persuasive power of Hip Hop and culture to educate and inform
  • Used in schools, after school programs, and alternative settings across the country
  • Teacher training on differentiated instruction, culturally responsive teaching and more
  • Materials can be used across all content areas
  • Allows teachers to offer multimedia styled lessons, ideal for the 21st Century classroom